What Do You Know About Finstas? Here’s Why They’re Not So Bad

Finstas don’t have to be super sexy or crude, like early reports claimed. They’re actually really…real.

In an age where Instagram is ranked as the worst social platform for adolescent’s mental health, it’s nice to know there’s some escape from a world that needs so much upkeep. It’s not a surprise that young people are looking for an out from the expectation of having an interesting gram.

If you forgot, or it’s your first time hearing about Finstas, here’s a quick brush up: A Finsta is a secondary Instagram account used mostly by millenials and younger people to share photos that would otherwise not do so well on their main accounts. These private accounts have a smaller following because the person basically invites their followers to follow this specific account.

Don’t believe everything you’ve read about finstas being for sex, drugs, and other crude content. Teens are using these accounts to show their authenticity in a world that no longer cares for un-photoshopped/un-filtered content.

Basically, finstas can be a safe space for users who feel pressure to maintain a certain image or idea of lifestyle on their main Instagram pages. It can also just be another side to the user, something you wouldn’t expect.

We’re all for finstas; they’re really not as bad as they seem. If they create a safe space for millenials and other young people in a world full of criticism, let them be!


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