'Unsupervised' Will Make You Wanna Dance + Buy Concert Tix!

Groove Guild has launched ‘Unsupervised’ a new web series popping up on the likes of Billboard, Stereogum, and more, as it’s very, very good. Music lovers everywhere rejoice as this series is all about the music.

Unsupervised offers live sessions, interviews and more. The filming location is a piece of music history as well. The concert and studio space served as home to David Bowie, Lou Reed, and Steely Dan throughout the years.

With the void of music programming from the likes of MTV, this is a breath of fresh air for audiophiles. The concert quality and intimate setting give audience members a backstage pass to the show from the comfort of a computer screen.

The first episode is devoted to Norwegian artist Auroa. If all subjects are as captivating as the songstress (who has future Bjork written all over her) this series with will become a must-watch. We give Unsupervised a rousing nine likes out of ten,


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