Fullscreen’s ‘Hella Gay’ is the Perfect Pride Month Pick!

If you are looking for a Pride Month watch, let us remind you that Hella Gay Season 2 is out now, and it’s a must watch (if you want to have better sex, be more woke, and laugh out loud.)



The trailer gives little away, but we binge watched this along with Season 1, and we can say Season 2 is more Miles, and we like it. “Sexualities” in Season 2 and “Gender Identities” in Season 1, are must watches for anyone who has ever been confused by a label.

Miles McKenna starts every episode asking the question: “what do you identify as,” offering guests a chance to demystify and explain labels.

As per usual, Miles is also doing bomb-ass activities while interviewing people ala getting a new tattoo, getting a haircut, or visiting Washington, D.C.

This season is more Miles, more activism, and still a great ride. Also, get ready for great queer guests from YouTube to politics, to your local sex education workshop. One thing you can count on from a Hella Gay guest is hella honesty.

New episodes are out every Thursday this month on Fullscreen. We give this show that is endlessly educational while simultaneously watchable ten out of ten likes.


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