Why You Should Hire Your Own Craigslist BBQ Dad

We love the internet so much and similar to Twitter, when Craigslist is good, it’s golden.

We’re currently diving headfirst into the summer season, so naturally that means BBQing. The thing is, many of us remember BBQs fondly from when we were kids, more specifically, when we weren’t the ones who had to have the responsibility of grilling.

The harsh realities of adulting have never come so clearly into focus than when we realize that we want all the nostalgic glory of a BBQ without the work.

And you know what would be great for that? A BBQ dad.

One brilliant craigslist user decided to reach out to the internet for exactly that, and so far, everyone is applauding their request.

No word yet on if BBQ dad has answered his one true calling, but we are impressed by the specified qualities they are looking for.

We’re sure the fact that this picture has more or less gone viral on platforms such as Twitter and Tumblr is doing nothing but help expand their visibility to potential dads.

Not only do we now personally want an invite to this BBQ, but we desperately need a status update on whether or not the position ultimately gets filled.

Calling all BBQ dads with jokes gone unappreciated, now is your time to shine.


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