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The Internet Forgets Women Kiss - Are Shook By Tana Mongeau & Bella Thorne

Everybody hold on to whatever foundation you are nearest to because Tana Mongeau and Bella Thorne just made out and the internet has apparently never seen two women kissing before.

While we, personally, see this as just another day in the life of any human who enjoys making out, Twitter see’s it as a sign to have a full blown freakout, complete with ‘ship’ names and an unsurprising divide between everyone who is here for this, and everyone who hates that it has made headlines.

So to make a short story even shorter, Bella and Tana were spotted in a full on make out session, pictures were taken, and both girls seem totally cool with the whole thing.

The two girls were attending the Life Is Beautiful music festival that took place in Vegas this past weekend, and despite the insistency of the saying, literally nothing that happens in Vegas ever stays in Vegas, so here we are.

Let’s get to those Twitter responses though, shall we?

What do you guys think? Are we looking at a potential new ship about to sail amongst their fans or just one of those crazy one off times that Katy Perry would write try and write a song about?

We’ll just have to wait and see.