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Manny MUA And The Rest Of Twitter Rejoice Over Sense8 Revival

In one of the greatest plot twists to ever plot twist, Sense8 has been revived for a 2 hour series finale!


The news of Sense8’s cancellation earlier this month left people devastated, and Twitter decided that it was their duty to save the show. Trending hashtags erupted on the platform ranging from petitions to straight up desperate pleas.

Manny MUA in particular was vocal about his hopes that the show return, and how upset he was that they dared to cancel it in the first place.

In a letter posted by Lana Wachowski, she explains not only the depression she found herself in after getting word that the show would not be picked up for a 3rd season, but also how the fans via social media helped to bring closure to the series.

It’s pretty wild how much of an effect social media has had on this show. It’s rare that fans have the ability to bring back a series, even if just for a 2 hour special, once it has been officially cancelled.

Check out Twitter’s reaction to the news that Sense8 will be coming back down below!