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Manny MUA Expresses Disappointment Over Sense8 Cancellation

We are absolutely devastated to announce that the wonderfully diverse and inclusive series, Sense8, has been cancelled.


Honestly, this one hurts a lot. Aside from the fact that Sense8 was a huge step forward for the LGBTQ+ community as well as racially representative, the message behind the show was one of unending empathy and true inclusivity amongst humankind.

The series was shot all over the world, which brought an overwhelming authenticity to every culture they so tirelessly aimed to represent.

This cancellation is a huge hit for fans everywhere, but people are also bringing up the fact that the news of such a LGBTQ+ positive show being cancelled on the first day of Pride Month is not only heartbreaking, but disrespectful.

Manny MUA in particular took to Twitter to express his disappoint in the news, and how this affects those celebrating Pride.

Netflix is about to receive a lot of backlash. Fans all over Twitter are considering this their last straw in terms of the blatant lack of representation in popular entertainment.

We have even seen a few Netflix subscription cancellation pictures, and while this can be seen as an extreme measure, we understand the desire to somehow show Netflix themselves how angry users are about the news.

What do you guys think? Are you as upset as we are about the Sense8 cancellation? Let us know!

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