EXCLUSIVE: Nikki Blackketter Talks FEAT Socks Collab

We had the privilege of chatting with Nikki Blackketter about her most recent collaboration with FEAT socks.

Having just dropped on their official website today, we got the lowdown on not only what inspired Nikki’s design, but how she deals with such a large social media presence.

Check out our exclusive interview with Nikki Blackketter below, and be prepared to fully agree with her opinion on carbs, and the struggles of running.


We’re really excited about your collaboration with FEAT. What inspiration did you have for the sock line?

N: Everyone kinda knows me for my cat, I’m a crazy cat lady. I also have a pineapple thing; anytime anyone gives me gifts, like fans at expos, they always bring me pineapple stuff. I just kind of put both on a sock and they did a little design for me and I love it. Max [my cat] is yelling at the top of his lungs and I love it. It’s epic.

Do you have any desire to design other clothes or do more collaborations?

N: Yea definitely! If these socks are successful I would totally do some more designs. I think you get to have a lot more fun with [socks] and you can really put your personality into it rather than a clothing design that has to fit people a certain way or do a certain thing for them. You have to be a little more creative [for that] and you can’t put, you know, your cat screaming on it. [laughs]

What’s your favorite social media platform?

N: I definitely prefer YouTube. [On Instagram] I just post whatever. I don’t even post everyday on Instagram. It’s cool, it’s fun [and] I like it, but YouTube is a lot more interactive. I feel like people really see your personality on there, it’s a lot more fun. I do have an Instagram for myself and my cat though.

What is your favorite place that you’ve travelled to?

N: I love New York City.

Oh my god I’m actually heading there tonight.

N:Oh no way! I love New York in the summer too, it’s literally the best. Rooftops and everything, I’m obsessed with it. Other than that, I loved Thailand. I’ve been to Thailand and Bali and Asia, and I really enjoyed Thailand. The beaches are so pretty, it looks like a storybook.

Where would you like to go next that you haven’t been before?

N: Honestly I haven’t seen a lot of Europe. I’d like to do Italy, Greece, Spain… something like that. That’s definitely my next goal, those kind of areas.

You’re obviously a big advocate for a fit lifestyle, what workout trends do you think are just hype?

N: I feel like it totally depends on the person because some things are just fads, but if you like it and you keep up with it and it’s for you, then go for it. Personally, I can’t do running. People that just go outside and run for miles and miles, that’s not for me. Recently I’ve been hearing about the Keto diet, which is a super high fat, low carb diet. I kind of feel like that’s a fad, personally. There’s no way anyone can keep up with a low carb diet longterm. There are so many beautiful carbs in the world.

What is your favorite carb meal you love to eat?

N: Oh my god yesterday I was literally just drooling over pictures of cinnamon rolls for like an hour, I’m not even kidding.

Did you partake in #NationalDonutDay?

N: I did not, I’m currently on a diet.

Aw man, well there will always be another one.

N: Exactly, I’m gonna wait for it. [laughs]

What workouts do you like to do?

N: I love to lift weights. I always do lower body workouts, so I really like to do squats or lunges, stuff like that I could do everyday. It’s fun for me and it feels good. I always hurt the next day and I feel like [the workout] did something.

That’s the best when you can feel it the next day. You feel so much more accomplished. 

N: Exactly.

What inspires you to get out of bed and get on with your day during the times you just wish you could stay in.

N: Honestly, at this point, it’s just kind of a routine. If nothing else I just tell myself, go to the gym and just get on the treadmill for ten minutes. If nothing else, you did the treadmill for ten minutes. As soon as you’re on the treadmill your endorphins kick in and you’re like, no I can do something else, I can go do some squats. It never fails. That’s always what I tell myself.

So the hardest part is definitely just getting there.

N: Yea. Getting dressed and getting out the door when you really don’t want to go is the worst.

What’s your favorite thing to do on a day off?

N: Well yesterday, for example, I just got the virtual reality for my playstation, so I played with that. It’s so fun. It’s really trippy but really exciting, especially if you play scary games. I love horror films.

I’ve heard [the virtual reality] is scary.

N: It’s so scary. It’s so fun though.

What’s your favorite horror film?

N: Oh that’s a good question. Probably like Insidious or something. There are so many.

What has been the most challenging thing for you as far as using social media and having fans? What has been the most rewarding thing?

N: I feel like the most challenging thing, and I always see this with other people- for example, my friend Jasmine, she didn’t talk about her relationship for a year. I can’t hide something that is that big  a part of my life from anyone. If it’s a break up or it’s getting together [with someone], I don’t know how to hide that. I’m always very open about it, but I also think it’s a challenge, because you don’t want to subject someone else to that kind of scrutiny if they didn’t ask for it. It’s hard to assume that they’re okay with it, and you have to kind of talk about that. I think that’s kind of hard.

Rewarding wise, for example right now, I just started a diet. I feel like everyone is very encouraging [about my diet goal] and they help lift me up too. I don’t want to let my fans or people who are watching me down, so that’s really rewarding and motivating for me.

You don’t even realize how much of a motivation they are to your own challenges.

N: Yea exactly.


Make sure to check out Nikki Blackketter’s new sock collaboration over at FEAT socks!


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