The Merrell Twins Have A New Channel!

The Merrell Twins just launched their new channel, and if you’re a fan of the two, this is a great opportunity to get to ask them your own questions.


Merrell Twins Live, which is their new channel, launched their first stream today at 3pm, and garnered over 4k visitors. The comment section did not stop going once the two started their broadcast, but they did their best to answer as many questions as they could.

Joined by their dog, Tiger, the girls spent the broadcast sitting together on a couch in a casual setting that felt more like a conversation between friends.

They talked about a wide variety of things, answering questions ranging from whether or not they shipped Stydia (Stiles and Lydia from Teen Wolf) to what type of food they would want to eat out of a group of food pictures they were shown.

The first episode lasted about an hour and ended with a ‘consequence’ for whoever had said ‘um‘ the most during the stream. Veronica lost the battle and had to face the fact that Vanessa was then allowed to tweet one thing from her Twitter account.

If you missed the live stream, don’t worry, they will be back again next Thursday at possibly the same time. Neither sister was 100% sure about the exact time they will begin their second broadcast, but we’re sure they will specify sometime next week.

They also teased that there might be a special guest, but we’ll just have to tune in to find out who it is.