Looks Like PewDiePie Fidget Spinners Are A Thing Now

It’s happening, PewDiePie fidget spinners are a thing now, and you can buy one for $9.99.

Probably the most talked about item as of late, the fidget spinner is in itself a very polarizing topic. It’s become a trend in schools around the U.S., while some think it’s a great innovation for those who put it to good use (i.e. those struggling with ADHD, autism or anxiety), others see it as just another toy.

YouTube star Felix Kjellberg, otherwise known as PewDiePie has placed his “brofist” logo on the popular topic, in response to his claim that “everyone has been asking for this.”

We’re not sure how well sales will go, seeing as how the only difference is the logo. Kjellberg did include fidget spinners as part of his supporting cast in a recent video.

Troll move or revenue opportunity? Let us know what you think in the comments below!