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RiceGum Refuses To Take The L In His Latest Diss Track!

About a week ago, RiceGum felt the wrath of the latest Content Cop episode, courtesy of internet trolling champion, iDubbbz. RiceGum’s subscriber count fell steadily as iDubbbz’s grew, although we’re certain iDubbbz himself would say that’s not the point. The point is that the trolling YouTuber unapologetically exposed all of RiceGum’s bullshit for what it truly was…bullshit. In a video that lasts 30 minutes, all of RiceGum’s flaws are put on display and criticized. Not because iDubbbz is “obsessed” with RiceGum, as Rice himself would say, but because this is the content iDubbbz makes on a regular basis.

As a response to the Content Cop, Rice first released two teaser videos (which were probably for monetization reasons, in which case point proven!) and finally yesterday the full diss track response was released.

Watch Rice unknowingly prove iDubbbz’s point.

The video is riddled with below the belt insults that you probably wouldn’t even recommend your 7-year-old cousin repeat. They’re the type of insults we’d expect from someone who just took a huge L but doesn’t wanna admit it.

In the video, he not only continues to boast about the oh so fabulous life he lives, but he saves time to compare iDubbbz to a high school shooter filled with rage, and then proceeds to comment on Ethan Klein’s weight. Also, a pretty distasteful PewDiePie line that just comes across as a horrible aim at the biggest YouTuber ever.

One of the more interesting lines in the song is Rice’s statement that since he came up from nothing, that’s why he now flexes so hard. Because you know, humility doesn’t exist anymore.

The most awkward part of the video is 2 minutes in when the beat suddenly stops and Rice attempts a cypher style rap which is just…bad. If you wanna watch a real cypher, you can just click on Eminem.

And later, iDubbbz releases what he says will be his last video on the topic.

We’re not sure what happens after this. Will Ethan Klein respond? Will PewDiePie make any statement? (Probably not.) To be honest there’s more likely to be another Rice produced diss track. As if we’d be surprised.


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