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Tana Mongeau and Julia Kelly Reminisce On Good Times With Mac Miller

While the world mourns the loss of legendary rapper Mac Miller, Tana Mongeau and Julia Kelly remember him fondly.

Although Mac Miller was only 26-years-old he made a lasting impression on many of his peers including Tana Mongeau and Julia Kelly.  That was evident from the immediate outpouring of love and support once the news broke that the rapper had passed away.  Singer Kehlani echoed the sentiments of many that this is one wound that time might not be able to heal.

Those closest to the rapper are choosing to focus on the good times they shared with their friend.  Tana Mongeau and Julia Kelly shared intimate photos and conversations that hey had with Mac Miller before he passed.

Understandably, Tana was a having a difficult time dealing with the loss of her friend and conveyed her sadness on social media.

Tana expressed her love for Mac Miller and reminisced about the times they shared over their long friendship.  She revealed she was very close to visiting him on what was the night of his passing.  She spoke of tender moments between the two and touched on the inner demons and possible mental health issues Mac Miller was dealing with.

Instead of being allowed to properly mourn the loss of a friend, the 20-year-old influencer was met with unnecessary backlash.

The singer addressed the hate via Twitter.

But Tana continued to push forward despite her grief and the harsh criticsm.

Much like Tana, fellow social media star Julia Kelly was devastated when she heard the news.

She chose to celebrate his memory and focus on the positive moments as well.  She shared a video of the talented musician playing a song on the piano, a photo of the two, and a conversation that sparked a budding romance between them.

It’s clear that Mac Miller will be remembered fondly by all who loved him not only as a legendary musician, but a kind soul and an amazing person.



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