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Fans Dug Up The Name of Tana Mongeau’s Alleged Sugar Daddy!

Fans claim to have found out the identity of the alleged sugar daddy Tana Mongeau spoke about in her video ‘My Psychotic Sugar Daddy Story.  You Aren’t Ready.’

Tana Mongeau is known for being an amazing storyteller but her latest sugar daddy video might’ve been too good! In the vlog she shares her encounter with a ‘Sugar Daddy’ that was so entertaining fans just had to find out the identity of the mystery man.

Well, Tana did leave a few clues in the video as to who the guy might be.  She revealed the the guy was at one point addicted to heroin, showered her with expensive gifts and dinners, introduced her to the Jackson family, and so much more!

Everyone knows the Twitterverse is better than the CIA when it comes to things like this!  Twitter user @AnonFmJ posted a Billboard article on Jeff Jampol, a former band manager and label promotor.

He seemed to fit the bill because most of the clues Tana mentioned in her video matched what was written about Jeff in the article.  Although she gave a lot of info that sound similar to the man fans believe is the alleged ‘Sugar Daddy’ she never mentioned any names.

Tana has yet to comment on the accusations but that hasn’t stopped fans from taking this possible fake news as fact.

Tana’s only saving grace is that she has been accused of embellishing and flat out lying about stories so she could just make the same claim if she faces any legal repercussions.

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  1. Eva says:

    He is not verified on twitter like she said though and the “related searches” don’t match either

  2. Pixie says:

    His height doesn’t match up.

  3. Alice says:

    But his networth doesn’t match and Jampol never got an Oscar but Tana said he has three?

  4. Torry says:

    Its john branca. His networth his 100 million as she said.

  5. brindley says:

    john branco is also married and has a $50 million net worth. i don’t think it’s either

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