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Jake And Logan Paul’s Dad, Greg Paul, Sex Tape And Nudes Have Leaked!

Just a few days after Jake and Logan Paul had allegedly been hacked, their father, Greg Paul has his sex tape and nudes leaked by a hacker!

Now that you’re done vomiting let’s get into this extremely twisted tale featuring social media’s most infamous father Greg PaulNewsweek reported that Twitter user ‘e_lords’  hacked Greg’s AOL email address and posted his findings which included nude photos and a sex tape!

Although the photos were blurred and no faces were shown a few brave souls who viewed the video claimed that the headboard and bed shown were the same ones Greg has uploaded in a few Instagram posts.

But the craziest part about this hacking scandal is not that Greg’s nudes were released but that the dad wants to hire the hacker!  In the video above Greg can be seen holding a sign that says ‘My hacker taught me a lot!! Please contact me so I can hire you!’  Greg is offering the hacker a job but under one condition.  He promises ‘e_lord’ a long and profitable career working for the Paul’s in exchange for access to his AOL email account.

“we can use your smarts and your skills set in a positive way and probably make you a shit ton of legit money.”

So do you think Greg Paul is trying to cleverly catch the hacker before turning him over to the authorities or is he crazy enough to really give this guy a job?!  Hit us up at #TrendingAllDay to let us know your thoughts!


  1. Alex says:

    Dam that dude fucking a 15 or something year old girl witch is alegal dam !!!!!!!’!!!!!!!

  2. isab says:

    wait what u kidding me fifteen fucking hell

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