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The Legacy Of fouseyTube

Yousef Saleh Erakat, better know as fouseyTube, is an extremely complex individual.  Despite the criticism he received, he’s acquired an impressive 10+ million subscribers, multiple awards, and representation from one of the top talent agencies in the nation.  In his last YouTube video, he expresses how negativity and false judgment of his character have led him to renounce social media for good.  It’s obvious that the image he has of himself is vastly different from what the public believes which begs the question, what will fouseyTube’s legacy be?

It’s been a week since fouseyTube confirmed he was leaving the digital world for good and gifted his channels away.  Although he’s no stranger to this behavior when it comes to social media this time seems final.  Earlier this year he had admitted to struggling with depression and substance abuse and announced that he would be checking himself into rehab.  He was subjected to harsh criticism over his failed ‘Hate Dies, Love Arrives’ event after promising performances from Drake and P.Diddy at the free event.  He had also gotten into drama with fellow influencers Keemstar, Vitaly and Ricegum.  

Instead of taking the L, fouseyTube made even more promises!  He claimed that he would appear on stage with J. Cole at a show in August and come back with a bigger, better ‘Hate Dies, Love Arrives’ event.  Worse than the delusions of grandeur is what fouseyTube said he would give up if he couldn’t come through on his promises.

“If I am not on that stage, I promise you, to walk away from YouTube, my whole acting career, me doing what I want to do in life. I’ll live in isolation, and no one will hear from me ever again.” 

Well, fouseyTube didn’t come through and Keemstar and the Twitterverse did not let him live it down.  They hounded the YouTuber until he ultimately decided that giving up his career was in his best interest.

His peers have described his behavior as erratic, he’s been attacked with messages like ‘kill yourself’ and criticized for seeking attention after openly admitting to suffering from mental health issues and substance abuse.  Now it seems that fans are split down the middle.

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