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Chris Sails Allegedly Beat ‘My Wife And Kids’ Star Parker McKenna

Fans of Parker McKenna got suspicious after they noticed the actress had a bruised eye on Spapchat.  Now rumors are swirling that her boyfriend, Chris Sails, is the reason.

Chris Sails can’t seem to stay out of drama but hopefully, these accusations of domestic abuse against Parker Mckenna are untrue.  After Chris’ divorce from breakout star Queen Naija, many believed he jumped into a relationship with Parker McKenna way too soon.  Parker and Chris seem to have a tumultuous on again off again relationship and these new allegations seem to support that theory.

Parker apparently moved in with Chris two weeks ago but recently was said to have moved back in with her family in Los Angeles.  Shortly after fans noticed Parker was sporting a bruised eye in her latest Snapchat videos but things got serious once an unnamed source sent in photos of a battered Parker to blogs.

Once news broke,  Queen Naija and her boyfriend Clarence White spoke out in support of Parker McKenna on Twitter.

Neither Chris Sails nor Parker McKenna has commented publicly on the matter but her last few tweets seemed to be directed at the YouTuber.

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  1. Janie Lawrence says:

    I think it’s a publicity stunt.

  2. SouthernBelle says:

    So her getting abused is a publicity stunt? Wow. He abused his ex-wife. Her friends and family admitted this. Now his girlfriend well ex has bruises and her family and friends are stating the same! Yeah, this some type of publicity. Smdh.

  3. 👑Chris Gordon👑 says:

    Stay strong

  4. Naziboy says:

    She is a hoe

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