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Jeremy Scott Responds To Claims That Moschino Stole Fashion Influencer Edda Gimnes’ Designs

Moschino debuted their FW 18 designs at Milan Fashion Week and was praised for their originality but Edda Gimnes is all too familiar with their creations

Fashion Influencer Edda Gimnes’ mentions were in shambles when she woke up on Friday after the Moschino Milan Fashion Week runway show.  The designer was shocked at what they sent down the runway because it looked eerily similar to clothes from her line.

Bigger brands do look to streetwear and new designers for inspiration but she believes this was no coincidence.  She posted the evidence on Instagram and many fans agreed with her claim.

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Today I woke up extremely disappointed and to a full inbox of people who know my work and saw yesterday’s Moschino collection. I understand we are in an industry that carries inspiration from each other and as it is said, imitation is the greatest form of flattery. But it is disheartening to see, after having a meeting with someone from Moschino in New York in November last year. showing this person absolutely ALL My work and My original sketchbooks and ideas. Seeing the Moschino show yesterday makes me so sad and I feel so hurt that someone has, the way it looks to me,unquestionably used my SS16 and SS17 collections as inspiration without granting me any credit. As a young designer one is so vulnerable and they probably think that this would go unnoticed. I will make sure it doesn’t. Have a look at the pictures from their show yesterday and make up your own minds!! @moschino @diet_prada

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Moschino had met with Edda in November of last year where she says she showed them all of her work including original sketches and ideas.  Fans of Edda’s flooded Moschino’s Instagram comment section and threatened to boycott the brand.

This is not the first time a major label has been accused of stealing designs from lesser know creators but usually, they don’t respond publicly to the accusations.  Well, Moschino designer Jeremy Scott had time today!  He clapped back in a series of Instagram stories saying the only inspiration for Moschino’s runway show was Moschino.

He posted photos from their old collections with the same style, patterns, designs and fabrics featured in their Milan show.  Most of which came out way before Edda Gimnes’ SS 2016 and SS 2017 collections which she claims they copied.  We’ll let you be the judge-Take a look at Moschino’s throwback designs and hit us up on @Trend All Day to let us know what you think!


  1. Janice says:

    This is an argument… a touchy that dictates past, present, & future. Timing was NOT of the essence, and for ALL likes of Artist: NEVER reveal your who you are to a conglomerate UNLESS they are ready to sign a check.

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