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7 Top Travel YouTubers To Follow For Inspiration

Hello, Monday. We meet again… Which is not the end of the world, of course. But as we sit in our offices, at cubicles, and boring computer desks, it’s hard at times not to let our minds wander. It doesn’t matter if you’ve traveled the entire world or not, we all get a bit of a travel bug from time to time.

Here are the top 7 travel YouTubers to follow for a boost of inspiration as we head into a new week:

1. Devin Supertramp

Devin Graham is an American videographer who produces adventure and extreme sport videos on YouTube under the name “devinsupertramp.” His channel has more than 4.1 million subscribers and over 736 million total views. His channel boasts super high-quality, adrenalin-pumping videos from amazing destinations all over the world.

2. Mike Corey

Mike Corey is a marine biologist turned travel YouTuber. Since his passion is marine bio, you can gather that many of his videos are about underwater life. His channel is full of beautifully shot videos that capture marine life, all sorts of other wildlife, and various cultures all around the world.

His video of African kids playing with Snapchat for the first time will absolutely melt you.

3. Hey Nadine

Nadine Sykora is one of the most popular female travel vloggers. She has visited nearly every continent around the world (48+ countries) and gives tips on everything from working abroad to how to stay fit on the road. Her YouTube channel has close to 300k subscribers. This upbeat world-traveller knows her sh*t, if you will.

4. Kristen Sarah

Kristen Sarah AKA “HopscotchTheGlobe”  is an actress and adventure travel junkie. She films her crazy adventures around the world, gives travel tips and advice in a fun and comedic way. Her travel tips are really hilarious sometimes. Have you ever needed to know how to poop on a public bus in India? Watch Kristen`s video, she will show you how to do it in case you ever need it.

5. Alex Chacon

Alex Chacon might actually be one of the most relatable dudes in the travel vlogging world. He introduces himself in videos by saying: “My name is Alex Chacón, I graduated college, sold everything I had, and rode a motorcycle around the world across 41 countries, and 300,000+ km in 650 days” and if you haven’t dreamed of doing something like that, you are either lying or in denial. His 3-year Epic Selfie was viewed more than 100 million times, and his videos will make you want to get out from behind your desk jump out of an airplane over gorgeous landscapes.

6. Samuel & Audrey

I’d argue that most (if not all) couples dream of traveling the world together. Understandably so, life, work, kids, and money (adulting) gets in the way of many couples who wish they could sleep under the stars somewhere exotic. Samuel & Audrey are a very interesting traveling couple who host their own travel show together. They both have their own travel blogs and take you around the world through culture, food and humor. Some of their favorite topics include visiting markets and temples, eating street food, and traveling by train.

7. FunForLouis

Louis Cole made waves earlier this year when he was accused of filming propaganda for North Korea (he wasn’t, and his intentions were eventually made very clear). He loves to travel the world and educate his viewers on the people of each culture and country. He publishes a new video every day, and he must be doing something right since he currently has over 1.6 million subscribers on YouTube. He is best known for focusing on the positive aspects of each country in order to “combat the purely negative image we see in the media.” Respect.

Time to start saving up those vacation days, guys…

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  1. BrieB says:

    Great inspirations for some of the travels I have added on my bucket list!


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