Watch Rudy Mancuso's "Racist Radio" For Maximum Trending Laughs Today

We know the beginning of the week is always the hardest, but no worries, YouTube and Trending All Day is here!

If you need a pick me up to get you through the day, or something to just keep your good vibes going, check out one of YouTube’s top trending videos!

We know Rudy Mancuso is a sweetheart, so why in the world does he have this ridiculous radio in his car? We’re not sure his friends will understand. Rudy Mancuso & some familiar faces take a ride with “Racist Radio”!


And be sure to check out some of our favorite Mancuso moments!

Macuso is a jack of all trades, originally finding his footing in Vine, but has since moved onto bigger and better things including YouTube and Instagram. With two YouTube channels, one purely devoted to comedy skits, and the other called Awkward Puppets, which is exactly what it sounds like, we can’t get enough of this young talent!

Have a good Tuesday y’all!



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