Tyler Farr Lives Life of a Superstar in ‘A Little Too Farr!’

If you aren’t familiar with country star Tyler Farr, he gives himself a pretty great intro in the new docuseries from Go90 ‘A Little Too Farr.’ In his own words: “I’m an artist, I’m a lover, and I’m a rebel… we’re gonna have one hell of a time.”



As evidenced in his first episode, Farr lives a hard-drinking, hard partying life. He digs fast cars and silly pranks, and chewing tobacco, like her seriously loves it so much his chewing tobacco addiction gets its own plot line.

Amazingly enough, this dipping country man has a wife (despite his constant overt expression of masculine stereotypes). Hey, that works for some ladies, no judgement, and also, manliness is clearly Farr’s brand.

What is charming about Tyler Farr is his willingness to try anything once. On the show his crew takes him water hover boarding, getting hypnotized, and more.

And, oh yeah, there’s also his voice- his honey, husky voice that made him famous. Most episodes also feature a key performance from the star, and watching his antics suddenly feel worth it as his voice rolls over you gracefully.

We give A Little Too Farr six likes out of ten. This show is definitely deeply made for Farr fans.


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