‘Unboxing’ InTangible Ideologies is Surprisingly Entertaining

Dylan Marron has been making a lot of great content this year. ‘Unboxing’ is no exception, and Go90 is releasing some exclusive episodes even more quickly than Youtube.

Check out his scathing review of “the product that gets presidents elected”- privilege of course.

This was the unboxing show America actually needed. No products, no bullshit, plenty of jokes, and, hey, you might actually learn something.

Head over to Go90 to watch Marron unbox the Constitution, a tall order, but he does it with grace and style. The unboxing kit has a hate speech kit to get you started on the First Amendment (sarcasm wins here). The Constitution now comes with your cousin’s Facebook rants, and, of course, a giant white dick (to remind you who wrote the sacred document).

We think Marron’s shows and criticism are pretty spot on, and we’re damn glad the internet is giving him space to be heard. Let’s put in an order for as many more “unboxings” as possible, please and thank you!


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