Alissa Violet Explains What Happened Between Her And Jake Paul

Alissa Violet took to YouTube to make her own video explaining exactly how she got mixed up with the Paul brothers following the increasing drama between Logan and Jake and their diss tracks.

In the video, she explains she had just finished high school and was working at Panera Bread in Ohio when she first met Jake during a meet and greet they were doing in her town. He put his phone number in her phone, and they kept talking even after the brothers moved to LA. Then 6 months later he asked her to fly out to the City of Angels.

She flew to Los Angeles for two weeks and their relationship flourished. Then in summer of 2015 she packed up her mid-western belongings and made the official move out west. Once in LA, she signed with Team 10 and the two were “kind of together” but Jake wouldn’t say they were “official”.

Alissa began noticing Jake always had tons of girls around him, he would argue he wasn’t cheating on her because technically they weren’t together. Then she moved in with him and he would have other girls over, and regularly ask her to leave their room so he could entertain a female guest in it for a few hours.

Then they moved into the Team 10 house where Alissa says Jake began creating strict rules for the group including “if you’re not up filming by 10 then you get fined $50.” At this new house, Jake continued bringing girls over but wouldn’t allow Alissa to have males guests of her own. She was under contract with him for Team 10 and she felt she didn’t have any right to tell him he was wrong as he got her to LA and set her up under his roof and with his group. Things began to escalate and she had to leave the house. See what happened next in the full video below:

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  1. Dee-dee says:

    Girl (breaks a table) You were in love with the idea of being in Love with him….Problem number 1, You didn’t broaden your horizon. (snaps fingers) Boo, go get yourself some new friends! we have like what? a billion people in the world?! As soon as you got to L.A (an unfamiliar place) you should have started making different and more friends. SHIT will always go down but you should at least have one loyal drama free friend in your life, there ARE people like that. (slams foot down) Problem number 2, you became like an attached doll. Forever law abiding, never doing anything to piss off jake, taking in all the shit and keeping quiet. Don’t degrade yourself from being a human to a doll. Then again there were good memories too, so I’m not gonna totally trash talk your friendship. (strokes your head) Alissa Keep doing u! Drama dies, friendships fade, relationships burn out but life moves on. Only you can pick yourself back up. Not Fans nor Haters. ( proceeds to make toast and fried eggs)

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