Twitter Is Here For All The Bachelor/Bachelorette Drama And So Are We

Twitter is reacting to the Bachelor/Bachelorette drama in the best way.

After reports came out that Bachelorette, Rachel Linsday once dated NBA Superstar Kevin Durant while they were both attending the University of Texas, fans couldn’t help but express their melancholy feelings for Rachel’s batch of men who no doubt, don’t hold a candle to Durant.

As of now, KD is reportedly dating Golden State Warriors sideline reporter, Ros Gold-Owe while Rachel Lindsay is currently engaged to one of her Bachelorette contestants. But Twitter has hope…kinda

While we probably won’t see a Rachel/Kevin reunion anytime soon, it’s nice to hope and remember the good ol’ days. Looks like they’re both doing pretty well, so maybe this worked out for the best.

On the other hand, Bachelor In Paradise isn’t doing so well, as filming of the show has come to a complete halt after reports of sexual misconduct were released. An alleged incident occurred between contestants Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson. The two were drinking and joking around, when a third party (presumably a producer) noticed that Corinne may have been too intoxicated to consent to the occurrence.

Fans don’t know what to do…except react on Twitter.

We hope that all this drama gets resolved, but for now, we enjoy the hilarity of Twitter.


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