Niki And Gabi Spring Break Is Over And We Want More

The absolute cinematic beauty that was Niki and Gabi Spring Break has just come to an end and we no longer know what to do with ourselves.


In the only way fitting for a group of millennials, the entirety of the last episode took place over brunch, with what looked like at least one carafe full of mimosas sitting on the table.

Despite a wildly dramatic run, the last episode was full of nothing but love and a reminiscent look back on what seemed to ultimately be a week full of memories that all of the friends say they’ll never forget.

Except that brings us to what the big question of the episode really was- just how many days did they spend at the spring break house?

“This entire week was a blast.”

Ok, a week, seems right? Seems accurate because spring break usually lasts for a week, two if you’re lucky.

“I’ve gotten so used to this and it’s only been 4 or 5 days.”

Alright… 4 or 5 days. That’s ok because maybe their definition of a week is a school week? Plus Niki didn’t seem sure of the exact days here so there’s a little wiggle room.

“I want people to be sending throwback videos and pictures from this weekend to the group chat forever.”

Now this is when everything just gets wild because there is no reasonable way to argue that a weekend can be equivalent to a week. The only way this quote makes sense is if in this moment their friend decided to disregard the theme of talking about the trip as a whole, verses just one portion of it.

So Niki, Gabi- if either one of you is reading this, please for our sanity, how long were you actually on spring break? Inquiring minds wants to know.

On another note, we are 100% pulling for a season two. We don’t even care what activities the friends do, so long as we get a chance to once again see them all interact.