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Smile, It’s National Selfie Day

Happy National Selfie Day everyone!


While people have never needed an excuse to post a good selfie, today is the most ideal day to go ahead and indulge in posting as many pictures of your face as your heart desires.

Find the perfect lighting, take 50 versions of the same picture, and don’t let anyone tell you that your filters are bad.

In the immortal words of a selfie queen who shall remain nameless, when you’re feeling sh*tty, look pretty.

Enjoy the following selfies, we hope they inspire you to take some of your own.


1. @camerondallas

What’s your favorite color ?!? Guess mine 😂

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2. @tyleroakley

3. @gabi

closet room selfie 👑 outfit- @shoptobi

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4. @andrearussett

hangin by da pool on dis nice saturday afternoon

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5. @mattcutshall & @arielle

“Find someone you’ve farted in front of a thousand times and turn that into a romance” - Hemingway

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