Everything Is Blue For Niki DeMartino And Halsey

A lot of drama went down over the weekend involving Niki DeMartino, Gabi DeMartino and Halsey.


We don’t even know where to begin with this story because truly, it was a wild rollercoaster of a ride for us to even begin to try and unravel the guts of what actually happened.

Let’s just start at the beginning shall we?

Basically, Niki is a super fan of Halsey, and has never been one to try and hide that fact. There are clear similarities between their looks, but it’s pretty much impossible to say who did what first unless you have known both women their whole lives.

Halsey has had blue hair for a long time, and only recently shaved her head, which has been a popular look for her throughout the recording of her most recent album.

Still, fans of DeMartino took notice of the similarities between the YouTuber and singer and started to send pictures comparing the two. Specifically, they pointed out the ‘warm and cool tones’ that both show in their aesthetic on social media, and with their fashion choices.

After all this went down, Niki tweeted a couple of pointed comments about the comparison that were supposed to be sarcastic, but as is the way with the internet, they naturally didn’t come across that way.

That’s all it took for the wrath of both Halsey fans and Niki DeMartino to rise up and start slinging insults at both women.

DeMartino then quickly went on to clarify that she was in no way upset with Halsey and that the singer was in fact her idol. The whole situation basically caused Niki to have a mental breakdown, which she recorded in a video that she posted to her YouTube page and then promptly deleted.

Because the internet is forever, the aforementioned video has been re-uploaded and is relatively easy to find if you decide to go searching.

Through her tears, DeMartino explained that she wasn’t trying to call Halsey out for copying her look. She also clarified that her own response to Halsey not responding to her tweets was due to DeMartino taking things personally, and was not in fact due to Halsey’s actions.

The fact that all of this went down because of hair color is probably still our favorite part of the story.

Gabi came in swinging to defend her sister, even going so far as to post a lengthy letter (since deleted) to Halsey in hopes that she would see the tweet and then personally reach out to her sister.

Niki can now sleep soundly though because it turns out that Halsey doesn’t hate her, and that literally everything that went down was able to be easily explained.

Lets be honest, Halsey probably has whiplash from the entire situation, but hey, at least the two can now happily coexist in their warm and cool toned worlds together.


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