Fyre Festival Facing Heat After Damning Emails Leaked

The notorious disaster that was Fyre Festival continues to racks up points in the drama department after new emails have been leaked.

The emails reveal that executives of the fest were notified on April 3rd there were massive problems underway. The subject line of the email was: “RED FLAG- BATHROOMS/ SHOWER SHIPPING” and went out to festival co-founder Billy McFarland and president Conall Arora.

Thousands of leaked emails were received by Mic who broke the story. Some of the more alarming messages included:

  • “We have to move fast on this or we are in a really shitty place, lol” after learning bathrooms would run $400,000 for the 2,500 expected island guests.
  • When Starr Catering Group pulled out of the fest, one employee wrote, “no one is eating so therefore no one is pooping” in an apparent joke to remedy the lack of bathroom facilities.
  • The fest was suppose to be “luxury” in quality but when the organizers realized the cost of decent restrooms, Arora suggested “It sounds like we can save a lot of money if we sub in port a potties.”
  • When the housing shortage issue became apparent, senior consultant Marc Weinstein suggested cutting the 50 lowest paying attendees and housing the remaining on a cruise ship to the tune of $530,000.

Essentially, everyone involved with the fest knew it was ballooning into an epic mess the month leading up to the event kickoff and these emails show that the entire team seemed to be involved and aware of these issues but did not manage to do any damage control prior to the festival.