Kim Kardashian Announces New Makeup Line

Kim Kardashian just broke the internet by announcing the release of her new makeup line, Kim Kardashian West Beauty.


Be still beauty guru hearts, and please, hold onto your wallets.

In keeping with the Kardashian theme, Kim launched a new Instagram account with nothing but a link to her new site, and an ominous three video display to show the date 6.21.17, which we can all assume is the official launch.

In just four hours, the new @KKWBeauty Instagram already has over 31k followers.

We’d honestly expect nothing less considering that Kim herself has over 101 million followers on Instagram, and that isn’t even counting her other 53 million follows on Twitter.

Little has been revealed about what types of beauty products will be featured in the line, but fans are already making guesses due to the color scheme associated with her new business venture.

The classic nude/pink combo is a color scheme that is practically synonymous with the Kim Kardashian name, and considering her most recent collaboration with Kylie, fans are hoping to see similar lipstick colors popping up over at KKWBeauty.

That does, however, bring us to our next question- how is Kylie feeling about all of this?

While we are firm believers in the fact that, behind the scenes, everything is probably totally chill, we wonder if there will be any drama over the similar sister brands.

Then again, Kim might be tricking us all. While Kylie’s line is heavily focused on lipstick, we might find that Kim K is focusing on a broader selection of makeup.

We guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


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