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Jake Paul And His Dad Kissed The Same Girl And We’re Shook

In the immortal words of PewDiePie, we just watched a Jake Paul video that is so fucking gross.

Full disclosure, once you see Jake Paul’s dad kissing a girl who is less than half his age because he’s in a pissing contest with his 20 year old son, you’ll never be able to unsee it.

In h3h3Productions newest video, Jake Paul Corrects Our Grammar, we were unfortunately made privy to a truly disturbing moment in Team 10’s stellar history of being a respectable group of young men…and one lone dad.

Basically, the moment that was highlighted was one buried deep within a Jake Paul video from back in May that featured him and his friends blindfolding a girl before each one of them took turns kissing her. Oh yea, and Jake’s dad just had to get in on the fun.

We truly wish we were lying.

Listen, we get that the girl decided to partake in this. We aren’t talking about consent right now despite the fact that we could pretty much feel the peer pressure coming through our computer screens. She made her decision just like they made theirs.

Still, there are literally so many things wrong with this that we don’t even know where to start. The entire clip felt creepy and so full of cringe that we can’t imagine either Jake Paul or Greg Paul ever showing their faces again.

But, since hell would have to freeze over before that ever happens, we instead want to focus on the general concept of how absolutely wild it was for Greg Paul, creator of Jake Paul, to have had such an immediate and metaphorical hard on at the thought of getting to kiss this girl.

This isn’t even about how weird it was for Jake and his dad to want to kiss the same girl, this is entirely about Greg Paul and the way he is presenting himself to the masses.

“That’s obviously an old guy, he smells like an old guy and he’s got a midlife crisis goatee.”

Yea, we agree with that whole midlife crisis thing.

This did, however, send us down a rabbit hole of wondering what exactly Greg Paul’s general deal is, and to no ones surprise we found that he has his very own YouTube channel called Vlogdad Greg Paul.

We’re curious to know how you guys feel about the entire situation though, so make sure to check out h3h3Production’s latest video below to catch up on all the weird.