LeleJuans Is Back And We Have The Kiss To Prove It!

Let’s give credit where credit’s due: Lele Pons nailed a major win when she hosted the MTV MiAw Awards show in Mexico City, which aired on MTV Latin America.


The social media princess and prince, Juanpa Zurita co-hosted the event in what turned out to be a hilarious showdown.

According to TooFab, the two hadn’t confirmed whether or not they were a couple after they briefly dated, but split last year. We think the kiss pretty much confirmed what we were hoping for: Juanpa and Lele are an item again!


Reports say the kiss was supposed to happen behind a screen, showing off their silhouettes, but the screen didn’t go down, so the two went for it anyway!

Congrats to #ZuriPons on the huge milestone…and the kiss of course!


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