This Is What a Smart Mirror Designed by Apple Might Look Like

As the inanimate objects of our daily lives gradually receive new tech DNA, we wonder: what could be the next Apple product? It might very well be this concept Apple Mirror, as designed by New York-based web developer Rafael Dymek. Created for a personal project, Dymek took a traditional full-length wall mirror and installed Apple’s iOS 10 interface to create a fully-functioning touchscreen smart mirror.

The large reflective surface includes useful daily information such as the date, time and weather on the top corners, and gives users access to their apps (hello Netflix and Uber), emails and Siri, all of which can be activated and moved around with the touch of a finger. When not in use, the Apple Mirror turns back into an ordinary mirror so you can take a moment to reflect. We just hope it also includes an oleophobic coating to prevent smudges. Watch the video of the Apple Mirror in action and let us know if you think this will become a real product.

via: Hypebeast


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