Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference 2017 Highlights

Here are the highlights from the Apple conference today, just in case you didn’t want to watch the 2-hour video.

  • tvOS for Apple TV will include Amazon Prime (finally!)
  • New OSx-High Sierra will be out in the Fall:
    • Will block auto play videos
    • Has a better system to prevent websites from tracking you
    • Photos will have a better photo editing program that will integrate into Photoshop and other editing programs
  • New iMacs with insane RAM and solid state drives

  • New Space Gray iMac Pro with a 5k display

  • New iOS for iPhone and iPad
    • Will include a new way to access apps in iMessage
    • iMessage will include ApplePay where you can do person to person payments
    • iMessage will take less space on your phone
    • Apple maps is getting lane guidance (like Google Maps)
    • Apple Maps will also include layouts of malls and airports
    • The control center is now back to being one page
    • Do No Disturb while driving to prevent distracted driving
  • New iPad pros with iOS 11 with higher processors and better displays

  • HomePod speaker with Siri and HomeKit integration
    • HomePod will be like the Amazon Echo. You can control anything the HomeKit controls on your phone via voice command on the HomePod

All will be releasing this year, mostly in the Fall. The Beta versions for developers and testers will be out in the next couple of months.

Michelle Obama will be at the open session tomorrow at the Apple Campus.


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