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You Can Now Personalize Snapchat Geofilters On The Go

Each day seems to bring us a new app update that we’re no quite sure we needed, and Snapchat is forever at the forefront of that trend.


Their newest, location based update, which basically allows anyone to stalk your bitmoji via a map of the world, has left people feeling a little bit…exposed.

The feedback was less than great, and when that happens the best thing to do it create another update as a distraction. So that’s exactly what they did.

Snapchat has now made it possible to create personalized geofilters through the actual app verses having to design them on the website.

This will be be incredibly convenient if you find yourself crunched for time or if you ever drop the ball in creating the filter in the first place.

With this update, you will still have to pay for the filter like you do online, but when designing within the app, you will be unable to combine you and your friends bitmojis.

Outside of the convenience factor, geofilters made within the app will allow you to use emojis and stickers on your design. It will be slightly more expensive to make these on the go, with prices starting at $5.99 versus the usual $5.00, but hey, at least you can make it, right?

We’re curious as to whether or not this will make personalized filters a more common occurrence. Up until now they’ve often been used for bigger events such as weddings or special occasion parties, but with such easy access, there’s really no telling when the urge to design a filter will hit.