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This New Snapchat Feature Has People Ghosting

Snapchat just rolled out a new update that might just give it the edge it’s been looking for.

We are all intimately aware of the ongoing Instagram and Snapchat update battle, but until recently, it had seemed like Instagram was steadily winning the war.

The newest update that Snapchat has brought us has definitely not surpassed the glory of the #ThrowbackThursday platform, but it is an excellent step forward in their attempt at allowing stories from around the world to be watched with ease.

Now, if you go to your camera screen option within Snapchat and use two fingers to zoom out, you get a birds eye view of a map of the world that shows you where your friends are currently located. Not only do you gain access to people you know, but you also are able to see stories that are currently going on around the world.

If we’re being honest, we have kinda mixed feelings about the whole thing.

While the more streamlined access to worldwide stories is an awesome update, it’s hard to look at the feature and not find flaws in being able to locate people’s almost exact locations at whim. Luckily, there are setting in place to make sure this isn’t always the case.

When using the map feature, you have the option to put yourself in ‘ghost mode‘, which makes it so that your location is private. You also have the option to open it up to your friends list, as well as only allowing specific friends to be able to access your location.

Be warned though, this update just made it a lot harder to lie about what you’re doing when trying to get out of plans.

What do you guys think? Are you a fan of the newest Snapchat update?