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Bobby Burns Talks YouTube Emotional Manipulation Tactics

In what is quickly becoming his most viewed video yet, YouTuber Bobby Burns talks about the power of emotional manipulation amongst YouTubers and their fanbase.


We always love when someone can debate a point in an intelligent and non cruel manner, and for that reason alone, we found ourselves more intrigued with Burns video than we originally thought we’d be.

The video starts with Burns breathing a heavy sigh, speaking in a wavering voice and making very little eye contact with the camera. He then goes on to explain that YouTubers use all of the aforementioned tactics as a means to emotionally manipulate their audience.

Specifically, he talks about Anthony Padilla’s Smosh exit video as his prime example for showcasing how such manipulation it utilized.

“I feel like this video that Anthony posted isn’t him lying at all. I don’t think he’s lying about any of the things he’s feeling, but I do think that he’s playing things up for an audience so that they will understand how he’s feeling.”

The fascinating thing about Burns video is that it’s not meant to rip apart or insult the YouTubers that he talks about. He references mostly Padilla and Ingrid Nilsen while examining the way that both utilize calculated and rehearsed emotional responses to get across what they’re feeling.

Burns makes a point to emphasize that he doesn’t believe either Padilla or Nilsen ever lied about their thoughts or feelings, but that they are lying about the fact that it is supposed to seem like an unrehearsed first telling.

You can check out Bobby Burns full video below! Let us know what you think and whether or not you agree with him.