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Issa Rae’s ‘Milk + Honey’ Is Sexy and Slick!

Issa Rae is no longer just on our computer screens. She’s a big hit with her HBO show Insecure, but she clearly values a format of freedom- the web series. Rae has gone back to producing her series that preceded her big hit- Milk + Honey. Rae was working on the show all the way back in 2011 before Awkward Black Girl exploded. Audiences can get psyched the show is back!

The series follows four black women living in Los Angeles as they navigate their love lives and professional careers. This season’s pilot follows Nia as she struggles to make choices between her career and her relationship. She learns the lesson that in the land of milk and honey you still have to till the soil.

The show is slick and sleek and integrates social media and a feeling of now without interrupting the flow of the narrative. Additionally, thanks to a unique voice like Rae there are scenes rarely seen on TV- the show opens with Nia attempting to seduce an older while man during her acting class. It is shocking, and wrong, and right all at once. We give the series nine likes out of ten. Keep killing it, Issa!