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The Stax Best Of Music This Week!

Our newest episode of The Stax is here to bring you the best of…get ready for it…music!

That’s right, this marks our first music themed episode of The Stax, and we’re so excited to show it to you guys. YouTube way back in the day was once littered with people posting grainy covers of themselves singing some of the hottest songs, but now, the platform is practically it’s own version of a recording studio.

This week we’re bringing you everything from Leroy Sanchez to Savannah Outen, and every person manages to deliver some truly impressive performances.

We are also mildly obsessed with Max Schneider’s music video to his song ‘Do You Still Feel’ so we suggest watching the full video on his channel right here.

Check out our first ever episode of The Stax, music edition. Happy listening!