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The Stax: Best Of Beauty This Week!

We’ve got another episode of The Stax, beauty edition for you, and this time, Influencers are proving that sometimes you gotta suffer through a little pain for a little gain, specifically when it comes to eyebrows.

And speaking of eyebrows, have you ever heard of tattooing them on? Because that’s exactly what Gigi Gorgeous just did!

She’s not the only one who mixed pain and beauty though, Zoe and Joe Sugg decided to hit the my brother does my makeup challenge, but they added a new twist to it.

While being asked questions by Zoe, Joe not only had to apply makeup to her face while answering, but if he got one wrong, he got shocked, like- literally.

Aside from that, you’re not gonna wanna miss the fun fact we have about James Charles. Even though it’s not necessarily a fun thing, it’s one we definitely didn’t know prior!

To find out what exactly that fact is, and also what happens when you decide to melt all of your lipsticks together in the microwave, you’re not gonna wanna miss our latest episode of The Stax, beauty edition.