Future Inventors Can Find Inspiration From Colin Furze And His New Book

Colin Furze has announced that he will be publishing his first book titled, This Book Isn’t Safe.


It feels almost impossible to find a YouTuber who hasn’t released a book these days, but if the content is good, we think the more the merrier.

Furze first gained notoriety through his YouTube channel, which vent viral with clips of him getting weirdly crafty with inventions, and showcasing his varying DIY projects. Operating like a breeding ground for all things MacGyver-esque, Furze’s channel is filled with inventions ranging from a bicycle with working ice block wheels, to DIY Wolverine claws.

Despite these insane inventions not always being safe to try at home, This Book Isn’t Safe is a reach towards his younger audience, and an attempt to inspire and encourage young inventors.

Because of this, the inventions featured in his new book will be kid friendly, and able to be made at home with a combination of things you can find around your house, and a tool kit.

Talk about a hilarious title contradiction, right?

“…society doesn’t really encourage this. We don’t actively tell our little miniature selves to go into the shed and pick up a cordless drill.”

This Book Isn’t Safe is being published by Penguin Random House and is currently available for preorder in preparation for its September 12th release.

Check out the video below where Furze talks further about what you can expect from This Book Isn’t Safe.