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YouTube Star David Dobrik Is Now On Live.me!

Live.me is an up and coming app with a lot to prove. Within the first seven months of the app’s launch, it paid out over $1 million to creators. In its quest to reach equal importance with social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram, Live.me is hoping to have big players join the game. They scored big time with David Dobrik.

Dobrik has been having quite a year so far. At only 20 years old, he became a bonafide Vine star and then transitioned successfully onto the YouTube platform we know and love so much. He’s also launched a hugely successful podcast with Jason Nash called Views. The podcast reached No.1 and No.2 alternatively.

He’s also been the recipient of the Vlogger of the Year at the Shorty Awards and you can also watch him on the Second Class YouTube channel.

On YouTube, David has 4.2 million subscribers. On Thursday, Dobrik announced he would begin his stream at VidCon and streaming will begin on a weekly basis. He’ll also be using the app’s newer feature, “short-form video” which is similar to Vine, but creators can add filters, voice effects, and stickers.

We’re looking forward to checking out David’s awesome content! Be sure to check it out!