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EXCLUSIVE Interview With The @ Pack Member, Chris Klemens!

Comedic genius, Chris Klemens, always has us doubled over in a fit of laughter when it comes to pretty much every video he creates.

Recently we were thrilled to have had the opportunity to chat with him about everything, from whether or not he’s ever wanted to ‘nope‘ out of one of his street segment interviews, to the struggle between trying to explain to people that even though they might know his personality, they don’t know him personally.

Having already established a core cult following of ‘clementines‘ on his YouTube channel, Chris was also just recently announced as one of the official members of The @ Pack, who are currently raising money for Hurricane Maria relief funds.

You’re gonna wanna read what Chris has to say, because he 100% has his priorities straight when it comes to his end of the world plans, and just like his videos showcase, he’s absolutely hilarious even when answering interview questions.

Check out our exclusive interview with Chris Klemens down below!

Your street interview segment is one we don’t see a lot with YouTubers, what inspired you to pursue this type on content in conjunction with vlogging?

I thought it’d be funny one day to have strangers try and guess what pop culture slang words meant, so I bought a $15 microphone randomly. No research, nothing. I had no idea it would turn into the shitshow it has become now. I just felt vlogging was so boring and forced for me at the time. That could totally change, but I am a really private person and I enjoy having a life when the camera isn’t recording that no one really knows anything about, and vlogging for me jeopardizes that. Of course, I have started vlogging but it’s more on my terms and [it’s only] what I want to show, which is mostly just stupid moments with my friends. It’s all about control and being comfortable. There’s no need to risk my happiness for views, even though that seems to not always be the case for people.

You’re interviewing strangers on the street in Hollywood. Have you ever had a moment where you’ve wanted to nope out of talking to someone? What has been your craziest on the street interview encounter?

Always. There are a lot of people that don’t make the videos. I’ve had someone lift their shirt for me to shave their chest when I was filming my strangers shave my head, and that was honestly….a lot.

Your comedic skills are incredible. Have you ever thought about going into acting?

I initially wanted to be an actor because I wanted to be famous. It turns out what I [really] wanted to be was successful, and those are VERY different. I am just not an actor, at least I [don’t] think. Of course, if I pursued it with classes that could change, but I think the only acting I could do is as myself…if that even makes sense. I’ve had a lot of people ask about the acting thing, but if I’m not good at it or if I’m not fully into it, why bother.

We’re turning your end of the world question around on you. What would you do if you knew the apocalypse was going to happen tomorrow?

Fly the fuck home to Delaware, chill out with my family and dogs, FaceTime some friends, and other things I can’t say because brands will not give me their money if I do.

Your channel stands out among other YouTubers because of the dry humor and honesty aspect, is this something you strived to achieve from the start, or was it a natural occurrence?

I think it’s both. When I was younger, I always just said what I was thinking without a filter. I didn’t care if it was [to] my teacher, my mom or dad, my friend, anyone. Being honest has just always been a thing I hope to be, but it’s developed naturally.

What is the biggest misconception people have about your day to day life? Similar, what do you think is the biggest misconception people have about social media?

I’m not sure if it’s a misconception or just annoying, but people always comment saying that I’m trying to be     (insert something here)    , when in reality, every personal decision I make is for me. I think the biggest misconception about social media is that people feel like they know you like a best friend, when in reality, the personal information I share is very limited. People don’t know me personally, they just know my personality.

If you could be any animal at this exact moment, what would it be?

A manatee

Fuck, marry, kill - Elijah, Christine and Lena. Go!

Fuck Lena, because I’d have her film it for her Snapchat and take a cut of the profits from [it]. Very productive and efficient. Marry Christine AND Elijah. Form a real hot throuple. Kill trump.

What is your biggest bucket list item that you currently have and want to achieve?

I really want to buy a house or a piece of property.