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Remember This YouTube Video? It's Here For TBT!

Throwback Thursday gives us all the opportunity to look back on our glory days.

Even if they weren’t so glorious…think of all the hilarious photos you and your friends share, the ones you promised to never share on Instagram. Today’s the day you get to relive those moments, and we’re encouraging you to do so!

In honor of #TBT we’re sharing with you one of the most hilarious, WTF YouTube videos of the early modern age.

Remember this?

Samwell’s “What What (In the Butt)” is one of the weirdest videos we’ve come across on YouTube, but thankfully this is a perfect day for odd & fun memories. We’re not sure what the inspiration was behind this magical piece of work, but we’re assuming Samwell had a fairly exciting experience to recall.

We want you guys to share your favorite #TBTs with us!