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Instagram Is About To Have More Selective Picture Sharing

Instagram might be putting an end to the ‘finsta’ phenomena by creating a new way to share posts with a smaller and more select audience of followers.


The new ‘favorites’ feature that is currently under development at Instagram will allow you to post new photos and stories with the option of only your ‘favorites’ being able to view them. Essentially, it will create a semi-secret feed within your own account that only those you allow access to will be able to see.

We kind of like this feature in the sense of limiting who can see the stories you post, but in regards to pictures, it feels just a little bit redundant.

Clearly the idea is a great one for its general user experience because people are already creating multiple accounts in an effort to hide certain photos from people. We totally get the concept of wanting to limit the viewing of specific pictures, especially if you have family following you.

However, we don’t understand why you wouldn’t just private message a picture to your friends either through the DM feature on Instagram itself, or literally by texting them outside of the platform all together.

Still, this could potentially be a great update for the platform. We all always appreciate a feature that helps us have more control over our privacy.

If Instagram does ultimately go through with the update, we’re feeling like we’ll end up supporting it, but it does heighten that thrilling risk of an accidental share all.