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New York Fashion Week Welcomes YouTube Stars

In the modern era, beauty gurus are just as relevant in the world of fashion. Social media has allowed viewers from all over the world to take tips, learn tutorials, and step up their game in the world of makeup. Online video is taking over and New York Fashion Week is well aware.

Style magazine Elle has teamed up with YouTube to launch a series called Fashion For All which will showcase and promote inclusivity in the world all about trends.

These episodes will be filmed at YouTube Space NY and will feature online video stars like Keke Palmer, Cassandra Bankson, Ari Fitz, and Iskra Lawrence to name a few. Each creator will have the chance to share their story and offer their thoughts on the idea of inclusivity. Elle is also taking a huge step in helping change the face of the industry by showcasing Precious Lee, a plus-size black model.

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Along with the Fashion For All series, Palmer and Lee will both serve as members of a panel that will talk about representation.

This isn’t the first time the fashion world has opened its’ doors to the online beauty world. Two years ago, the New York YouTube space was taken over by model Karlie Kloss and Vogue to produce several videos.

You can catch episodes of Fashion For All on Elle‘s YouTube channel which has over 120,000 subscribers.