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Twitter Is Going Crazy Over This World Of Dance Performance

A World Of Dance performance is quickly going viral after getting recognition from Hozier on Twitter.


Dancers Keone Madrid and Mariel Madrid stunned with their performance to Hozier’s song ‘Like Real People Do‘, and the world is steadily taking notice.

Aside from its visual beauty, the dance is also innovative in its look at the social media world, and our obsession with our phones. The first half of the dance features both dancers using their phones while, in theory, trying to have a relationship. They ultimately find that they’re too distracted by their screens to actually see each other and end up throwing their phones aside.

The song choice was incredibly fitting, and Hozier himself complimented the two, which has begun to skyrocket the video into recognition.

Check out Keone Madrid and Mariel Madrid in their dance The Duels below!