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The Internet Celebrates Cinco De Mayo!

Cinco De Mayo is a day of remembrance for Mexicans, so why is that we usually wake up the morning after not remembering much at all? And when the holiday lands on a Friday, it’s pretty easy to make a case for celebrating.(#cincodedrinko, anyone?)

If you’re still nursing your hangover, grab a Gatorade, get into bed, and take a scroll through some of our favorite content from the day. We love you, Internet.

I don’t even know what today is about, I just like the number 5 (@drgrayfang)

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In honor of Cinco de Mayo I am posting my favorite meme of all time #throwback

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@erikdavidson next rounds on you! Follow ? @erikdavidson ? @erikdavidson #cincodemayo #tequila

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And finally, for anyone that celebrates “miyo de cinco” instead…


We hope everyone had fun celebrating! Now - pass the Advil, please.


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