Bae All Day: Carriejune Bowlby

CarrieJune Bowlby- @misscarriejune

Today our Bae All Day is the incredible CarrieJune Bowlby, a fitness model and #minibeast killing it with over 303,000 Instagram fans!

Do you have an all around fitness goal or are you just discovering as you go?

A mix of everything. Having a well rounded balanced physique is my main goal along with strength. I focus on gaining muscle in both my lower and upper body but you can’t ever have enough glute gains!

How old were you when you first started going to the gym and what motivates you to workout?

I started taking training seriously at 16 and did my first competition at 18. I’m motivated mainly by progress, my fans and inspiring others through doing what I love!

Can you tell us one of your most embarrassing moments from a fitness shoot?

Haha I could tell you some embarrassing moments in my life but not specifically a photoshoot. I try to keep it together for the most part in public!

Being in phenomenal shape, could you see yourself dating someone who doesn’t workout?

Well thank you for the compliment and I guess it would depend. If I was single I could see myself considering it, as long as we have other things in common and they’re a good person. Working out and fitness in general is 80% of my life so it would be tough!

What’s one thing you are super passionate about that most people don’t know?

My fiancé! In relationships I’m extremely passionate and loving. He gets all the attention and then some?

What’s your #1 turn off? What’s your number one turn on?

My #1 turn off is someone who’s cocky and full of themselves. #1 turn on would be someone who is genuine and respectful.

Who’s your favorite Instagram story to watch right now?

Mine! Duhhh. @misscarriejune

What’s next for you? What are some of your future plans or things you want to accomplish next?

My future plans include being more active on my YouTube channel. I want to reach a larger audience and putting up helpful and entertaining YouTube content is the best way to do that! Go subscribe- Misscarriejune 🙂