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Mom Upstages Daughter At College Orientation

The greatest catch-22 about parents is that you’re usually the only one who thinks that your own parents aren’t cool.


Luckily, this was not the case when Twitter user, Avery Leilani, received what may be the greatest text message a parent has ever sent their child.

After dropping her daughter off for her freshman orientation, Leilani’s mom proceeded to then magically befriend the hottest men she could find. Even if this series of events wasn’t hilarious enough on principle alone, we would still call this woman our queen simply due to her hot man magnetic super powers.

The best part, however, is that this shining gem of a woman then proceeded to text her daughter selfies of her with the team.

C’mon, we don’t know whether or not to label this savage or pure, but this woman is killing it regardless.

After receiving the pictures, Leilani was wise enough to realize that her mother is a champion, and that she should react to the situation with admiration and sass, instead of embarrassment.

In the dark underbelly that is the internet, we’re so happy to know that this particular moment does in fact exist.


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