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HelloWorld Is The Next Big Influencer Event Of The Year

The website for the new and immersive two day show called HelloWorldLive has just been officially announced by one of the headlining Influencers in attendance.


HelloWorld is set to be an experience like no other with attendees including Zoella, Joe Sugg, Caspar Lee, Rose and Rosie and KSI.

But what is HelloWorld? Why should we be getting amped about this?

Well, outside of the fact that the above Influencers will all be showing their faces, the event itself is set up to be an interactive and all inclusive festival-esque experience that is aimed to bring both talent and fan attendees together.

The show is set to last 4 hours each day, and will be the exact same show each time.

Details and general ticket holder options depend on what type of ticket you end up purchasing. Tickets go on sale this Thursday, so make sure you set an alarm before they sell out!

“If you’re a Full Day Ticket holder you’ll be free to explore ‘Main Street’ - the epicenter of the HelloWorld experience - whilst the HW Sun is out and shining you can watch live music, witness exciting pop up games and challenges, eat, dance and meet new friends.” - HelloWorld

HelloWorld will take place in Birmingham this coming October and will also be joined by Influencers Jim Chapman, Marcus Butler, Pointlessblog and Louise Pentland.