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EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Uber VIP King Markley Medina

We sat down with Markley Medina, @Ubermevip, to find out how he became the world’s most famous Uber driver while continuing to live life in the fast lane as he maneuvers the streets of Miami proper.

Give us a little backstory about yourself. What did you do before driving for Uber?

I was working full-time for an electric skateboard company as a brand ambassador. My job was to introduce the brand to celebrities and show them our awesome products. One day my skateboard died and someone said I should take an Uber because I was stuck. I googled it, then requested a Uber ride- and that’s when fell in love with it.

How did you initially get started with Uber?

I started driving for Uber part-time in December of 2014 as I needed to make some extra cash to pay bills I was behind on and help pay off my debt. My first week driving my mom’s car (for Uber), I made $500 which was amazing and got me addicted to Uber. One thing I loved was the flexibility- I could work my own hours after my other job. My second week, I made $1200, which was a game changer for me because I never had money before. I only got paid twice a month with my (other) job and with Uber, I was getting paid weekly.

How has the job changed since you began?

Well, when I began working for Uber I was in debt and drove a little Hyundai SUV. Fast forward 3 years later and it’s now been a complete 360 change. I became an Uber celebrity with a big social media following. I have redesigned the UberMEVIP experience by making my car into the coolest Uber on the planet while becoming the world’s Top Uber Driver delivering an experience like no other.

What makes you stand out from the competitors? What makes riding with you a unique VIP experience?

I think what really makes me stand out among my competitors is my personality and that reflects in my car that I turned my ride into vibe. As soon as I pull up, my car will show you my energy and will take you into the magical world of Ubermevip that might be the most pulse-raising experience you’ve ever had. It will engage all your senses- even the smoke has flavors.

Your Suburban is totally club-ready. How did you transform it into a party mobile?

My Suburban transformed little by little because before Uber I was broke. Each week I would add something different, always improving the experience and always making it better. I first started off with blacklights, getting the mood right. Then continued by always adding different things, like disco balls that plugged into my cigarette lighter, and each time the clients would love it. This wasn’t built over night, it was week by week over two years. I’m not done yet- it’s only the start. Soon I think my car might even fly just like a spaceship because it’s out of this world cool.

Does having a vehicle decked out with a smoke machine and lasers mean you only drive at night?If not- what is the experience like during the daytime?

Yes the majority of my rides are mostly night time rides, I do have daytime experiences as well but the night is when my car really comes alive.

What is your most crazy passenger story?

I think the craziest passenger story was in October last year when I got a request for an hour ride to Miami because they wanted to go on ghost exploration mission. They wanted me to drive them in style to the most haunted house in Florida to see paranormal activity. We jammed all the way there, listening to Thriller by Michael Jackson and the Ghostbusters songs.

Do you have any tips for those wanting to stand out?

Standing out is a good thing. It could be as simple as adding some cool light up charges in your car. It gives you something to talk about with the passengers. I created my car to reflect my personality- fun, outgoing, and happy. I think drivers should start off with the basics: candies like Starburst is the best, water, and changers- always going above and beyond to make sure every single rider gets your same experience. I always put my passengers first and make them a priority.

Are you a Miami resident? What drew you to that city (or have you always lived there?)

Actually I’m a South Florida resident because Miami is so close to everything. I grew in Fort Lauderdale, Florida which about 35 minutes to Miami. Usually I start off Ubering in Fort Lauderdale, but I always get drawn to Miami because it’s one best party towns in the world. People fly in from all over the world to Miami so it’s great for business. I’ve never lived in Miami but I’m there at least 6 times a week so I guess it’s my second home.

What are your future plans for conquering the world?

The way I see it, Uber is one the greatest technology companies in the world. They have redesigned the transportation game making it safer and easier to get around. My concept just improved the experience part of it and made it cooler. My plan is to one day have Ubermevip cars around the world changing the limo game by making into a fun experience. Nobody wants a boring limo driver anymore and my car make limos boring and Ubermevip fun.